What Level Trader Are You?

What Level Trader Are You?

What Level Trader Are You?

Find out what’s your level as a trader. This is a mix of general forex knowledge questions which will determine your experience and your level as a forex trader.

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What is the role of central banks in Forex trading?

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What is a ‘carry trade’ in Forex?

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What does ‘market sentiment’ refer to in Forex trading?

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What is a ‘hedge’ in Forex trading?

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What is meant by ‘price action’ in Forex trading?

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What is the impact of high volatility in the Forex market?

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What is the significance of the NFP report in Forex trading?

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What does ‘divergence’ mean in the context of Forex trading?

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Which pattern indicates a potential reversal from a downtrend to an uptrend?

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What principle does the Elliott Wave Theory apply to Forex trading?

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In the context of Forex markets, what does ‘overbought’ and ‘oversold’ indicate in technical analysis?

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What is the purpose of Fibonacci retracement levels in Forex trading?

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How do geopolitical events typically affect the Forex market?

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What effect does high leverage have on risk and return in Forex trading?

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How does quantitative easing typically affect a nation’s currency?

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