About Us

Who are we?

FXD Sniper was build by traders for traders. We are a team of two traders with a combined 10+ years of experience in the forex and crypto markets, but our speciality is scalping and day/swing trading the forex market.

We are aware how full of scam the forex industry is and that 99% of services out there only want your money so we build this platform not to become another signals provider like them our goal is to become the only reliable source for forex signals in this industry. Providing our members with a live account view access into our master sniper account which is on a regulated broker. It doesn’t get any more real than this.

Having 10+ years of experience in the markets we developed a strategy that allows us to pin point (almost) exact location where the market will react which allows us to execute our trades in a sniper like fashion. Our strategy is based on supply and demand combined with price action, liquidity and smart money concepts all of which makes a deadly sniper combination.

Along with our educational books our goal is to create a self sufficient community filled with forex snipers and kill the markets as a team.

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