Forex Risk of Ruin Calculator

How to calculate your risk of ruin: Step 1: Enter your win rate and your average risk to reward ratio(Average profit/loss). Step 2: Enter your risk per trade and the number of trades you would like to simulate. Step 3: Enter your max drawdown (for example 10% for prop firm accounts) and click “calculate” to find out what your risk of ruin is.

A Risk of Ruin calculator is a critical tool for traders and investors, designed to assess the likelihood of depleting a trading account to a point of no return based on current trading strategies, risk management practices, and statistical outcomes of trades. By inputting specific parameters such as account size, risk per trade, win rate, and reward-to-risk ratio, traders can quantitatively evaluate the sustainability of their trading approach.

How It Works:

  1. Input Parameters:
    • Risk Per Trade: The percentage of the account risked on each trade.
    • Win Rate: The percentage of trades that are expected to be profitable.
    • Reward-to-Risk Ratio: The average expected return on a trade compared to the risk.
    • Number of trades: The number of taken trades you would like to simulate.
  2. Calculation Method: The calculator uses these inputs to simulate or calculate the probability of a trading account being reduced to zero, taking into account the statistical properties of winning and losing streaks. The basic premise involves applying a formula or simulation that factors in the probability distributions of wins and losses, given the trader’s win rate and reward-to-risk ratio.
  3. Outcome:
    • The primary output is the risk of ruin, often expressed as a percentage. A high risk of ruin means there’s a significant chance that the account could be completely lost over time with the current trading strategy.
    • Some calculators also provide additional insights, such as the probability of experiencing a specified drawdown or the expected drawdown depth, enhancing the trader’s understanding of potential capital fluctuations.


Understanding the risk of ruin is crucial for traders to ensure that they are not exposing themselves to undue risk, potentially leading to the loss of their entire trading capital. It encourages the implementation of robust risk management strategies, such as adjusting the risk per trade or improving the win rate through better market analysis and trading discipline. Ultimately, a Risk of Ruin calculator helps traders to make informed decisions, aligning their trading practices with their risk tolerance and long-term financial goals.

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