Swing Trading + Sniper Course Bundle


Combine the best of both worlds.

These are SMC style courses with my own original concepts based on my 6+ years of experience as a trader. Inside the course we mainly focus on structure, liquidity and supply and demand.

The Swing Trading course isn’t just a swing trading course, it is actually an in-depth technical analysis course. The reason it’s called a Swing course is because we aim to teach you how to catch trades that go 100s of pips into profit. These trades can take anywhere between a few hours up to a few weeks to reach targets. The goal of this course is to make you truly understand the markets and the reason behind every single move the market makes.

The Sniper Course is designed as a continuation to our Swing Trading course and is designed for experienced traders who are looking to take their trading into the next level. Inside the course we mainly focus on mastering the 1 minute timeframe and analyzing the details within the market structure. The goal of this course is to make you understand the details left in the microstructure allowing you to enter the most perfect sniper trades.

Once purchased you will get instant access to both courses inside the members area. The Swing course contains 10 videos and the Sniper course contains 6 videos, under each video you will find a resource section with screenshots and examples used in each video. In the resource section you will also find examples with detailed explanations that were not mentioned in the videos, these are for you to analyze and learn from on your own (consider this your homework).


Unlock the full potential of your trading journey with our comprehensive courses that seamlessly blend the tried-and-true methods of SMC style trading with innovative strategies developed from over 6 years of personal experience in the market.

Dive deep into the world of swing trading with our meticulously crafted Swing Trading course, which goes beyond the conventional understanding of swing trading to offer an extensive technical analysis curriculum. Delve into the core principles of market structure, liquidity, and supply and demand dynamics. While the course focuses on swing trading, its ultimate aim is to equip you with the skills to capture trades that yield substantial profits, spanning hundreds of pips and lasting from hours to weeks. Gain a profound understanding of market movements and the underlying rationale behind each price fluctuation.

Take your trading prowess to the next level with our Sniper Course, meticulously designed as a natural progression from our Swing Trading curriculum. Tailored for seasoned traders seeking to elevate their trading game, this course delves into mastering the nuances of the 1-minute timeframe and dissecting intricate market structures. Learn to decipher the minutiae within the market microstructure, empowering you to execute precision trades like a seasoned sniper.

Upon enrollment, you’ll gain instant access to both courses housed within our exclusive members’ area. The Swing Trading course comprises 10 comprehensive videos, while the Sniper course offers 6 in-depth modules. Each video is accompanied by a dedicated resource section, featuring supplementary materials such as screenshots and real-world examples utilized in the lessons. Additionally, dive into the extensive resource section for bonus examples and detailed explanations not covered in the videos, serving as invaluable self-study materials to further enhance your trading prowess. Consider these resources as your personalized homework assignments, allowing you to deepen your understanding and refine your trading skills at your own pace.

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BundleSwing Trading + Sniper Course Bundle
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